Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giggle, Giggle, Laugh, Laugh

I have a friend that asked me to make a framed sign that said "giggle giggle laugh laugh" for her teenaged step-daughter. That saying is one of the many silly sayings the teenager has and my friend thought it would be fun to give it to her for Christmas. The girl isn't very girly, and they are planning to redo her room in black and white with red accents. That is about as much as I was told and my friend said just go for it because she always likes the things I make. So, I thought about it for about a week, then went shopping for some fun black and white papers. I bought some red ribbon, red rhinestones, and black glitter to give it a little BLING!! I used my cricut to cut the letters and the solid shadows in red. I coated each letter in glue and black glitter and when they were dry I attached the letters to the red solid shadows with dimensionals. I put the red rhinestones in a swirl pattern at the end of the giggle and the beginning of laugh. I wanted the letters to be free form to give it movement, because to me it mimics giggling and laughing! I added some fun red felt flowers and some funky big brads by....I want to say Making Memories, but I may be lying to you!!

When I delivered it, my friend was really surprised! She said she was expecting something small!! LOL I don't do small!! It was better than she imagined it would be.....at least that is what she told me!LOL I love it when that happens!! That is why I love to craft!!

I totally forgot to take pictures before I delivered it, but went over the other night with my camera in tow and took a few pictures! So here is the finished product with a few detail shots as well!! Hope ya like it!

Hope you enjoyed it!! Stay tuned, and maybe I'll get some more birthday cards posted!! See ya soon!

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elisabeth said...

This is truly adorable!! You should sell these on-line. SO cute.