Friday, November 30, 2007

Found the Camera!!

Now to relieve the incredible suspense!! I'd really hate to ruin your manicures! I still have some other things I've made, but these are a few samples..........
Altered wooden picture frames....I will have many more than these 2...but I thought I'd just share a couple of my favorites.....I may show some more later! The first one is my ABSOLUTE favorite! I love this paper!! Everyone that has seen it thinks I covered it with fabric! It really is beautiful in person!

Jumbo binder clip photo holders
Peppermint Patties......I used my cricut to cut the scallops and circles.
Isn't that bunny the cutest?? He came in a set of stamps I bought a long time ago that has a snowglobe and several little things you can put inside. I think I got the set at Michaels.

I've been going topless!!!

I've been without a blog banner for several days! I've had a new one made but couldn't get it to upload! I finally got it to upload this morning! I guess blogger just wasn't in the mood to accept new pictures the past few days!

I have a craft fair that I mentioned in another post earlier that is coming up on December 8th. I've been working on some items and I want to take a picture, but guess what.....I can't find my silly digital camera!! I don't know where I put the thing! Santa is bringing my 13 year old a really nice one for Christmas this year......I wonder if she would notice if I used it, then repackaged it?????

So far, I've made a bunch of little peppermint patties like the ones seen here at Cambria Turnbows blog! She has some amazing things on her blog. I'm sure the majority of people that have visited here, have also been by her blog. Some days, I think........Wow, I really am wasting people's time having a blog! There are so many more talented stampers out there!! But, then I think....oh well, if they didn't want to look, they wouldn't stop by! So, a big THANK YOU to all of you that stop by and see what I'm up to!

Ok, back to my list of stuff!!!! I've made the aforementioned peppermint patties, some altered wooden frames, some post-it note holders and matching pens, indoor smores kits, snowman soup in mugs.....hmmmmm what else??? I don't remember right now....but I plan to make some toothfairy tins, and some tic tac toe tins. I will take some pictures as soon as I can lay hands on my MIA camera!!! For now, I'm going to go get busy making some more stuff!!! Stay tuned for some pictures!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My newest niece is here!

My sister gave birth to her seventh baby on Thanksgiving night!! Her name is Sarah Beth.......Beth is my middle name!!! How fun is that???? It really was my turn to have a baby named after me since she has 2 other kids named after 2 of our siblings, one of my sisters and one of my brothers!! The fun part is she is number 7 and I am number 7 in my family. We were both born in November and we have the same middle name!! I'm dorky I know!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week and got to spend time with your family and friends stuffing yourselves silly!!! We did just that and it was FABULOUS!!! I love all the yummy foods for Thanksgiving! Now, I need to focus on Christmas! I've got tons of work to get done between now and Christmas! I have a craft show on December 8th, I am going to make all my kids a flannel blanket and matching PJ bottoms for Christmas, and I'm setting up my new internet store!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee! I hope I can get it all done!! So with that, I need to sign off and get myself busy!!! Have a great day and stay tuned for more blogging fun!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear ME-E, happy birthday to me!! LOL
Today is my birthday!! I turned 33 years old (gasp)!! My wonderful sister-in-law called me up bright and early this morning and told me she was coming to get all five of my kids so I could have the day to do whatever I wanted!! How fun is that??? So, what did I do with my day you ask?? I started working on some projects for a craft fair I'm going to participate in on December 8th. I know, I should have relaxed, but crafting is so fun to me, that I totally didn't mind working on it. Of course, my digital camera is in my car that my husband took to work today, so I couldn't take any pictures. I'll take some tomorrow and load them up. Tonight we are going out for dinner with the kiddos to celebrate, so no time to take pictures when he gets home! Oh, and one more quick older sister was due to have her 7th baby this past Saturday.....but she wasn't born.....I'm hoping today is the day!! Wouldn't that be fun?? I told my sis, that she would have to name the baby after me if she is born today! I've called her 2 times already and no answer, so hopefully that means something is happening!! I'll update the status as soon as I find out!!! I hope you have a great rest of the day! I know I will! Check back for some new pictures soon!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Video Trial Run

So I have a video I made......well, not a video really, more like a slideshow put to music. I used some video editing software on my computer and I just wanted to see if it would here goes nothing...

The music is Earl of Essex's Galliard by The Buffalo Guitar Quartet. This is a group of 4 (duh) classical guitar (duh again) players that my husband and I went to see when we were dating 11 years ago!!! Their music is really nice and soothing.

Another reason I wanted to try this video editing software is because I'm going to be putting together a slideshow for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary/family reunion that myself and my 8 brothers and sisters are putting together for next summer! Luckily, my parents don't read my blog, so I can post that info!! I have to start collecting pictures now so I can create a video that I can put on DVD for everyone. We also have a ton of 8mm film we need to have put on if anyone of you knows where in the world we can have that done I would so appreciate a lead!!

I think I've got the video editing figured out, now I just have to figure out how to change the video format from quicktime to something this program will digital camera takes video in quicktime format.......anyway....I'd appreciate a little coaching on that too, anyone out there in cyperspace knows how in the world to do that! Then I could make a FUN video tutorial with MUSIC (you don't want to hear my HICK accent)!! Woohoo!! Stay tuned for more blogging fun!!!