Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh Yeah!!!

I'll be busy cleaning out my craft room tomorrow!!!! How exciting huh?? My wonderful sister-in-law is going to keep all 5 of my kids so I can actually get something accomplished in there! I have some pictures of how messy it is in there....well, pictures of my desk anyway(but I'm not about to publish it)!!! I wouldn't let anyone see my room in all it's glory the way it looks right now!! My 2 year old dumped 2 things of glitter on the floor in there about a week ago and it's still there....except for what has stuck to the bottoms of my feet and I've tracked back out of there!! But the mess'll be cleaned up TOMORROW, betcha prima flowers that TOMORROW, I'll be done!! TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I love ya TOMORROW no kids to stop my progress!!!!!!! Sing it with me!! You know you want to!!!