Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My First New Catalog Order

I thought I would let you know what is on my first new catty order!  I've been mulling it over for a while now, and have FINALLY decided on the first few stamp sets I want.

I am getting Bronc Buster, Starstruck, and the Bronco wheel....HELLO I am in TEXAS!!  Gotta have my cowboy stuff!!  I'll get Wanted and the Wild West Alpha in my next order!!

I also decided to get Fun and Fast Notes!  That little bird with the flower is so dang cute!  I think I may mount the images and put the sentiments on the sides of the blocks.  And last but not least, Pick a Petal.  I think it will make some really cute cards too.  Oh and I almost forgot, I'm getting Two Cute...those little flowers are TOO cute!  

My next order I want to get Wanted and Wild West Alpha like I already said, and I want to get All in the Family!!  Those little stick people are going to make some fun projects!!  My entire wishlist isn't extremely long....with stamp sets, I only have 39 sets listed.....as of right now!!  ::evil grin::   I'm sure the more I study the catalog and look at all the wonderful samples on SCS, the more I will have to have.

Now on to more pressing business.......I think I'm going to change the layout of my blog.  For some reason words are getting lost in the outer edges of my narrow little space.  So, I'm going to start trying out different layouts until I find one that let's all my words be seen.  I noticed today that the recipe I put on here is missing some important directions, that I know I typed!!  So stay tuned to see the changes!!


The Stampin' Soldier said...

I like this layout. It's very easy on the eyes and still pretty!

Meeshell said...

I like the new layout!

I also just ordered my first order from the catalog, I think it was more accessories than not though! I'll have to pull out the orders and make a post about it, I am so excited to receive my stuff!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Melanie
I just connected to your blog and love your projects. I have tagged you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award.