Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 tutorials for the price of 1!!

I said before that I would do a tutorial on faux watercoloring and I decided today would be a great day for that!! I needed ribbon in a rose color and Stampin Up doesn't have 1/4" grosgrain in that color, so that is where you get 2 tutorials for the price of 1! I am going to give you a super quick explanation of how to custom dye your own grosgrain ribbon so you will have whatever color you need when you need it!!

Custom Dying Grosgrain Ribbon

Supplies needed: White Grosgrain Ribbon, Stampin Write Markers, Classic Ink Pads, or Classic Ink Reinkers.

In this case I used the markers. All you have to do is lay your ribbon on a piece of grid paper or scrap paper and color it on both sides until the color is consistent. If you want to use your ink pads, you just drag your ribbon across the ink pad. I usually hold a sponge in one spot to put some pressure on the ribbon to help it wick out the ink. You can also use your reinkers by putting some reinker into a little water to help dilute it just a little. Place your ribbon into the mix and let it soak. If you find your color is not as vibrant as you would like, add more reinker and put the ribbon back to soak a little longer.

The reason I did this tutorial first is you need to give your ribbon plenty of time to dry so that the ink doesn't bleed onto your card. If you aren't sure what color you want before you make your card, you can make it after, just be sure to let it dry before adding it to your project!!

Faux Watercoloring

Supplies: Watercolor Crayons, or stampin write markers, or classic ink pads, cardstock, water bottle

Step 1: Use your watercolor crayon to color directly onto your rubber stamp. You can also color with a marker or ink up your stamp with a classic ink pad on this step.

Step 2: Spritz the stamp with water several times until it is fairly wet.

Step 3: Stamp image just like you normally would.

Step 4: Add other stamped images using the faux watercoloring technique. I used 3 colors on the little flowers...summer sun, regal rose, and pixie pink. To achieve multi-colored images you either need to use the crayons or markers. You can get 2 colors using ink pads by using the rock and roll technique. I will do a tutorial on that technique at a later date, so check back for that!!!

Step 5: Finish your card using your custom dyed ribbon!!!

Here is a close up of what the image looks like. You don't get a crisp image like you do when you just ink up your stamp. I love the soft watercolored look you achieve with this technique!! Isn't it awesome????


Jewels said...

Oh now see I was trying to find every reason under the sun to not order the markers...But after seeing the ribbon trick I think I may have to get those AND the watercolor crayons!! Very Creative...Thanks for sharing...Might have to try it for my next workshop!!

Angie said...

I've been wondering how to do that ribbon coloring! Thanks for the tutorial. Now I'll have to go play with my ribbon... BTW, I added you to my "inspirational blogs" list. I hope you don't mind.