Thursday, November 1, 2007

Video Trial Run

So I have a video I made......well, not a video really, more like a slideshow put to music. I used some video editing software on my computer and I just wanted to see if it would here goes nothing...

The music is Earl of Essex's Galliard by The Buffalo Guitar Quartet. This is a group of 4 (duh) classical guitar (duh again) players that my husband and I went to see when we were dating 11 years ago!!! Their music is really nice and soothing.

Another reason I wanted to try this video editing software is because I'm going to be putting together a slideshow for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary/family reunion that myself and my 8 brothers and sisters are putting together for next summer! Luckily, my parents don't read my blog, so I can post that info!! I have to start collecting pictures now so I can create a video that I can put on DVD for everyone. We also have a ton of 8mm film we need to have put on if anyone of you knows where in the world we can have that done I would so appreciate a lead!!

I think I've got the video editing figured out, now I just have to figure out how to change the video format from quicktime to something this program will digital camera takes video in quicktime format.......anyway....I'd appreciate a little coaching on that too, anyone out there in cyperspace knows how in the world to do that! Then I could make a FUN video tutorial with MUSIC (you don't want to hear my HICK accent)!! Woohoo!! Stay tuned for more blogging fun!!!


dd2njoy said...

Your video looks awesome! And your cards...very nice work girl!!!

Anonymous said...

cute cards! I love the way that the video is set up. Keep trying new things and then they become old hat! i sure need to venture out once in a while.

Mel Hopes

Rochelle said...

Enjoyed Your very nice cards. The music was absolutely fabulous! Good luck with all your future endeavors.