Friday, November 30, 2007

I've been going topless!!!

I've been without a blog banner for several days! I've had a new one made but couldn't get it to upload! I finally got it to upload this morning! I guess blogger just wasn't in the mood to accept new pictures the past few days!

I have a craft fair that I mentioned in another post earlier that is coming up on December 8th. I've been working on some items and I want to take a picture, but guess what.....I can't find my silly digital camera!! I don't know where I put the thing! Santa is bringing my 13 year old a really nice one for Christmas this year......I wonder if she would notice if I used it, then repackaged it?????

So far, I've made a bunch of little peppermint patties like the ones seen here at Cambria Turnbows blog! She has some amazing things on her blog. I'm sure the majority of people that have visited here, have also been by her blog. Some days, I think........Wow, I really am wasting people's time having a blog! There are so many more talented stampers out there!! But, then I think....oh well, if they didn't want to look, they wouldn't stop by! So, a big THANK YOU to all of you that stop by and see what I'm up to!

Ok, back to my list of stuff!!!! I've made the aforementioned peppermint patties, some altered wooden frames, some post-it note holders and matching pens, indoor smores kits, snowman soup in mugs.....hmmmmm what else??? I don't remember right now....but I plan to make some toothfairy tins, and some tic tac toe tins. I will take some pictures as soon as I can lay hands on my MIA camera!!! For now, I'm going to go get busy making some more stuff!!! Stay tuned for some pictures!!!

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Bingo~Bonnie said...

you are so FUNNY, "Goin' topless!" You crack me up with a capital C! ;c)

well, now that I know that you know how to do banners and fancy smancy stuff like that, one of these days maybe you could help me out to make my blog a little more posh ;)

Check out my two blogs if you haven't already! ~bonnie

PS- Merry Christmas!!!!! and thanks for helping santa locate the last "Bar-V" jeep in town!!! I even stopped by the Honda shop and bought a number sticker to put on the door like she requested. Actually I bought the number ZERO to use and create the number 1. Can you believe they had every number but! ;c)