Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why Me????

I don't know what the deal is! I had some uploading problems last week, so I finally downloaded Mozilla Firefox and that fixed the problem! Well, now it won't work! I pull up firefox and it takes all day to load one stinkin' page! I haven't even dared to try and get to the dashboard and write or upload pictures! I have a new tutorial all ready to go too! I guess I'll have to get firefox off my computer, then download it again! This really aggravates me! Hopefully I can get it to downloaded this evening sometime and then I will post that fun tutorial!!

Will Melanie break her computer??? Will she throw it out the window??? Will she have patience???? (not likely) Stay tuned to find out..........

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Meeshell said...

Don't you hate technical difficulties? My digital camera has been acting funny lately. Last night I took four pictures and downloaded them to my computer, well they disappeared as soon as I downloaded them! I don't know where they went or even if they downloaded properly. Of course, genius that I am had my camera and computer set to delete after download! Ugh!