Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy busy busy

Yes I'm still alive!! I've just been busy this weekend. You know 5 kids can keep you from doing the things you WANT to do!!! My husband and I spent time with our kids Saturday morning and afternoon, then we went on a date that Barnes and Noble. That is our favorite date, mostly because it is free, and it is really quiet!!! We just sat and looked through books and magazines for about 3 1/2 hours!!! At one point I looked up and said, you know we are sad! We aren't even talking to each other! He looked up and grinned, then I grinned......and we both went back to reading!!! ::giggle:: It was great just being together in the quiet!! Anyway, enough blah blah about that!! I've been busy cleaning out my craft room so that I can actually work in there!! I was really hoping to get it done on Sunday afternoon, but kids don't let me get much done, so I will work on it again in the morning, and hopefully get something more accomplished in there!!! I'm still really excited about getting this blog on a just stick with me these first few days and let me get the kinks out and then I'll have some fun stuff!!!! Stay tuned for another exciting episode!