Friday, June 15, 2007

A happy ending to the uploading saga!!

I finally figured out my problem of not being able to upload photos, or at least a solution to it. I was using Internet Explorer, so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and whaddaya know??? It works now!!! No more freezing up or anything. I'm so glad I finally found a solution, because I was so close to pulling all my hair out and I really don't think I'd look very nice bald. I even got it done while having 8 kids at my house yesterday!!! I had my 5 and my brother-in-law's 3. I'm surprised I'm still sane today! Now, if I can just finish cleaning and organizing my craft room, I'd be all set! I started cleaning and organizing this past Sunday, and I haven't gone back in to clean or organize since then. I'll work on that this weekend while my husband is home! He can watch kiddos while I lock myself away! I plan to work on a project today at some point to post too. I have such high hopes for my kids to behave themselves! I really need to get something made for my husband for Father's day too!! I don't even have an idea for him yet!! Nothing like the last minute to figure it out!! I'll post a photo of whatever I make for him too....that may be my project for today!!! Stay tuned for another exciting, fun-filled episode!

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